Cardiograph Heart Rate Measuring app Now avialable Free instead of $1.99

Cardiograph is an application which helps you to measure your heart rate or pulse with a Smart Phone.The application is available for both  Android and iOS devices.

For Android, the app is available for free with ads and for iOS devices, the app costs $1.99, but today the price dropped and available for free at AppStore.

Cardiograph works by illuminating your index finger with your device's camera flash, rendering your finger red and measuring the changes in the color caused by your pulse.

For iOS devices, the app takes advantage of the iPhone & iPad’s distinctive features like the excellent cameras, 3D Touch and support for syncing with the Apple Health app.


  • Keep track of your health
  • Simple and useful design
  • Multiple profiles (Android only)
  • Health app and 3D Touch
  • iMessage Extension

Get the app free for iOS devices from AppStore, Android users can download the app from Google Play


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